This one is on God

I have never fully embraced the idea of letting go completely.
I mean the idea of someone running my life while I watch sitting idly by is insane

Define insanity. Insert here ___________.

A Ladybird once told me that insane runs in the family.I said to her ;”wait a minute now,if you know me like you know me then you know that insanity does not run in the family but it strolls around introducing itself whilst it gets to know each member of the family personally.If anything it takes it’s time,it never runs”.

One would then conclude that I have then always been insane anyway,therefore I am in my zone.

So I say this one is on God

For you maybe sitting there mourning the loss of a Job,the house is going too,my marriage is gone,my health ain’t what is used to be and the car is making a noise even the coffee is too hot.You know you got it bad when even your cup of coffee has it in for you.

I then look on the wall and I literally and figuratively see the word restoration.

That then reminds me that if you had a Job once then you will get another one.
If you once bought a house,then you gonna get it back again
If they have left then well ….they weren’t for you coz that which is truly for you wouldn’t leave even if it could,and that which is for you has a supernatural way of finding you.
That noisy car well at least you got a car.
If it’s health I don’t know whether it’s going to be medicine or miracle healing but I just know you gonna get better.
The coffee is still a bit tricky,that may take me a minute to figure out.

No matter what it looks like I know you are going to get it back again,in one form or another.

What do you do when you are broke and broken?
-You place your order and leave the tab to your Father for;


7 thoughts on “This one is on God

  1. Hi Limbiley, you are right, some insanity can take time, such as an age illness like Dementia etc or perhaps believing in our own delusions of grandeur. It can also be very quick depending on what is causing it, such as drugs, even legal ones , alcohol or accidents causing the brain to malfunction. Fear, stress or panic when in extreme can stop the blood flow to the brain causing damage and when repeated over time, even more damage. Some of these can be overcome and yes God can heal them Majestically too or He will use Medicine, or natural remedies which are some of His tools and these can control it.

    But don’t feel too bad Limbiley, they even accused Jesus of being mad!

    As for submission to God, it does not mean He takes away our power to choose by force, He never demands we Love and obey Him, He asks us to and empowers us to, when we choose to. If you told someone you Loved them greatly and they responded by saying, well if I have to Love you, then I love you too, I’m sure you would be ecstatic. God does not want puppets, He wants our willing submission given in Love.

    Also just because we want something does not mean we will get it if it’s not in God’s will, He knows what is good for us and what we need and provides them when we are His and even blesses those who are not, as they enjoy what He gives us. But often we are blessed because He knows we are His even if we haven’t believed in Jesus yet and so He goes ahead and blesses us not waiting for us to respond but knowing we will.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • This is great insight thank you for sharing.I just wonder at times why the road can be so hard that a lot of things which should work with us are working against us.
      As it says if God is for us who can then be against us?It sometimes appears that the enemy never got the memo.
      Or are just doing something wrong as Christians?

      • If you knew my life story Limbiley (see link below), you would be asking how can you not be bitter and resentful, the answer is that God healed me after my heart repentance. We live in a fallen world which Satan controls, we reap what we sow good and bad and others who walk in the flesh hurt us too.


        God does not expect us to be Happy Clappy about our suffering or when we are hurt by others evil actions and words, or do we have to agree with those who teach error and it is disobedience not to rebuke someone who continues to sin in the Church but we do so in Love and for Love..

        Of course some others, think as Christians we are to always be meek and mild but Jesus got the whip out and also told others just how slack they were and so did Paul and the rest of Jesus’ followers in the early Church.

        God gave us emotions to be expressed including anger but it is what we do about them that is important, holding onto anger and not seeking to resolve it leads to bitterness and resentment which means Satan has a foothold.

        Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

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