What do you do when God says no?

In my carnal quest to seek understanding and balance my earthly efforts and that which is given to me supernaturally,I find myself yet again struggling with accepting what looks like is obvious (mind you it just appears obvious) and that which I want/desire to come to pass.
The situiation is such that if this is meant to be the way its meant to be then it shouldn’t be this hard or at least it shouldn’t work against me the way it is.

I find I am comparing myself to one apostole who wanted a thorn removed from his side.I have on several occasions questioned why this thorn is present and what purporse it serves except to annoy and frustrate.I am not asking for diamonds nor am I asking for supernatural powers,I only seek respite so that I can walk,talk,breathe, speak and think like a regular Joe.It would then stand to reason that it is his will that I be at peace or at least I experience a measure of it,and it has to be his will because he knows the plans he has for me for a future and hope,for who among you would when his son asks for a peice of bread you would give him a stone? and if he is for us then who can be against us? …..this all attests to me that my best interests are at his heart.

So then what do you do when it all points to the fact that God is saying no?

I know deep in my heart I should just let God be God,but that does very little to ease and bring understanding to my confused soul,for this circumstance is bringing me turmoil.

So my question remains;

What do you do when God says no?


42 thoughts on “What do you do when God says no?

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. St Paul is the one who speaks of his thorn in the flesh but it applies to all of us. The reason why God says no is hard to pin down. Suffice it to say He knows what is best always, and He doe snot have to tell us. We trust Him nevertheless. Such things bring us closer to Him.

    • Hi thank you for sharing that with me and others,

      (Following you now by the way,I need such wisdom)

      Anyway it is quite the process as I am learning the more “stuff happens” to me the more am starting to understand.
      It is quite the roller-coaster but “all good things”

      Thanks again.

  2. When God says no, I experience frustration – even grief! But I’ve learned to trust God’s timing. Sometimes, God’s “no” is really a “not right now.” Either way, patience is a Fruit of the Spirit that will grow in you as you learn to rely on God’s timing and plans rather than your own.

    • Thank you I am learning more and more as it goes along,and I have come to know by experience that it is a process.I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and give advice.
      God bless.

  3. I hear you! …And what about the times that He continues to say, “No?” If I’m making a request based on His word and He keeps saying, “No”, I’m like the woman who kept pressing the judge, I just keep praying and keep asking. And every time He says, “No”, I remind my soul that He loves me and He is working all things for my good and His glory.
    Howbeit, there are some ‘No’s’ that I look back on and say “Thank You Jesus, I’m sure glad you said No!”

  4. We all have to learn within our own souls that we are not the straw that is stirring our drink. When I was much younger I would have loved to be a major league baseball player or maybe a country and western singer or maybe a preacher, none of these it seemed did I have the talent for. I did also like the idea of being a long haul truck driver and that is what I did for about 30 years until my health deteriorated to the point where I could no longer do it. But, the Lord let me see and experience many things in life that I would have never seen or know if I had been able to be one of those other wishes, I feel I have been very blessed by the gifts God has given me. All things in life are defined by how we choose to see each event that we experience in life. It is this inner light that defines us as to what we are today and where we may want to realistically be or become in our future if God is willing that we have a future. I guess our souls need to be content in whatever our Lord brings into our lives, just as the Apostle Paul spoke of in his life’s circumstances. I know, easier said than done, but remember, all things are how we choose to see them. You may see an event and say how horrible that is, I may be standing beside you and pick out something very good out of what we are seeing, for sure, God does have a sense of humor. I wish you well, God’s blessings to you.

      • Hello, Friend.

        I am sorry that you are confused and hurting.

        Not knowing more, I would not feel right saying just a blanket, “Trust God.” I say that because, for too many years, I thought I was trusting God when, in fact, I was trusting what I was told by others. When I finally sought Him, He told me something altogether different but totally consistent with who He is.

        I know your faith is sincere. God will make a way, but it may be in a way you (or the traditional church script) does not expect.

        I wish you well. And I would be glad to “converse,” if you’re interested.

        You can reach me at cindy@hurtylove.com.


  5. Great One! Trust, do not doubt. If you must receive the promise, you must survive the process. Shalom!

  6. Persistence proves faithfulness. When I ask God even though I know that he heard me the first time I keep asking. He knows our prayers even before. His answers are Yes, Waite and NO sometimes his Waite seems like a No. He says No because he knows what is best for us. I may ask for a 2 bedroom house while He want to bless me with 4 bedroom because he’s planning to grow my family.

  7. Enjoyed the post.

    Sometimes what seems to be a ‘no’ from God is actually a ‘not yet’ or a ‘not this way.’ This is when the words of our Savior “Not my will, but thine” sustain us while we wait on His perfect timing, His perfect design.

  8. First of all, thank you for the follow and stopping by my blog. Secondly, it is hard when God says no. Personally, I want to be that two year old and stomp my foot and throw myself on the floor, kicking and screaming. I know in my heart, that is what I am doing. But, we serve a loving God. A Father God. He is a great Father. He lets us scream and then He gently picks us up and waits for us to calm down. If we can calm down, we can hear His heart beat and know, without doubt, without fear, that He is in control. That what is shaking us up has not shaken Him up. Our worries and fears and situations does not cause Him to wring His hands in worry. He is in control. His ‘no’s” are for our good. anyhow, that is what I do. Love this post. Thanks, I needed to read it today. A divine appointment, that you kept, thank you. DAF

  9. I’ve felt some of the same things you are experiencing. I’ve lived not just day to day but hour by hour. Trusting God to get me through difficulties I never could have imagined. Try looking at some of the Psalms. Many of them are laments. Written by people who didn’t understand what God was doing, but still clinging to him for all they were worth. More than anything God wants us to deal with these things face to face with Him. I’ll pray you find comfort and peace in the midst.

    • Two thank yous,one for stopping by and the other for the prayers,the most precious thing is having an intercessor.
      I try to look to the lord and maintain trust but sometimes in the midst of the struggles one wonders not where is he?but why can’t he take me out?

  10. Oh, how I’ve been there. Twenty-three years ago I went through a bad bout with major depression and panic attacks. I struggled, I cried out to God, I worked hard to get well……hardest thing I’ve ever been through, but today — in retrospect — I see those years as a great blessing in my life. I came to know God as I had never known Him before. I’m stronger and wiser than I ever dreamed of being. So…..keep turning to Christ during those tough times and know that this too shall pass. He is faithful, and His plans are greater and wiser than ours could ever be.

    • Hallelujah,thank you for the reminder and kind words on top of that,you know its very easy to give up and give in but the truth is the power of testimony of people such as yourself carry the rest of us.To think that after all this time God has taken you through a lot and seen you through when I was nothing but a baby and he was still working miracles…that to me is amazing.I look forward to seeing more of your story and teachings and I thank God for your life.
      Blessings to you.

  11. I just have to give you a like again for your honesty Limbiley, we have all asked the same questions and once I had no answers either but God’s wisdom which I asked for and shared with you about before, gave them to me.

    Paul’s thorn was not given to him by God, he was reaping what he sowed, which means Satan had a foothold in his life because his fleshy pride, the battle that he had with his flesh is in Romans7 and he tells us how to have the victory over it in Romans 8 and other Scriptures.

    God does not afflict us as I shared before but as we put our flesh to death like Paul did and are perfected in Love, we face all kinds of hardship and suffering but we go to The Lord and He empowers us to Spiritually fly like eagles, He lifts us up so regardless of the trouble we encounter in life we soar and have His deep inner Joy, even with tears in our eyes.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  12. I saw this blog, saw your comment on mine yesterday and tried to tap out a reply while I was waiting for a few minutes. And after two goes I was nearly there with the words. And then I moved and it all disappeared, I was no longer waiting and had to get up and go again, and couldn’t reply. Times past I would get really cross. All that effort wasted. I would bitch to myself for quite some time when that kind of thing happened. I can bitch really well.
    But somewhere along the way I have found too often that our wise and humorous lord is at work in those moments. Trying to reply to you was one of them. Because now I am home again and on the computer, I have read back some of your posts. And there is a theme I do not understand. You have struggles – but more than most – that I do not understand. You have replies from others which indicate more knowledge than I am getting from reading here.
    All of which means my intended platitudes from my phone would have been an insult to you and your words. For me, the lord was at work when he stopped me tapping out my goody two shoes reply. He stopped me from probably offending you, and also avoided me then beating myself up with embarrassment. He stopped me. His way of saying no.
    So here I am now – tapping out some words to you – with nothing useful to say.
    Just admitting I no loner get as angry, as quick, so often. Because when my phone crashes, or something does not happen as I want it to, or I keep forgetting (and I mean Forgetting!) to do something really important, generally I find out later. He was at work, and there was a reason. It has happened so many times now I don’t even need to know the reason afterwards. I just trust him. That’s all really.
    And I have just realised that this a weird sort of apology to you and the lord, I think.

    • You know it’s funny you should say that,the very thing happened to me on the phone,I moved and my reply was gone,come to think of it now it was probably for the best.
      Your post earlier today gave a smile and took me a place where for a millisecond I had escaped that which was troubling me but soon after I had to get back to “real life”.
      As far as my posts are I just do what I am feeling at the precise moment and I try to be as honest with whatever questions pop in my head.

      You have no idea how the responses I get from my interactions with fellow bloggers are answers I never even knew I was looking for.Take now I just realised I should always trust in God no matter what and I just learnt that from your comment.
      So I say to you Thank You and God Bless you.

      • Weird stuff. Or in my more enlightened moments: “We do – God works.” And how that hangs today continues to fry my brain. Thank you.

        And I learned recently that “Goodbye” is an abbreviaton of God Bless You. So an affectionate Goodbye until next time! 🙂

  13. How do you know his saying no? Are you assuming? Or are you basing everything on something small? Don’t think for God. He gives you a mind. Think for yourself. He will help you, but you also need to move along and see where it takes you, you never know:) All the best xxx

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