The “real” Christmas Day the 26th

Now that that’s over with;
The fake people, fake affections, polite conversations, it all starts to creep back up and real life begins to return but it really won’t hit till early January.

A fellow blogger pointed out something about Xmas that reflected my feelings completely,how she put it again? oh yeah “cruella deville all year long and want to smile at Xmas”. All this stuff  about its a special time of year that we show our loved ones that we truly care and appreciate them makes me sick.Question comes to mind then that isn’t this something we should be doing all year round anyway?

I mean I don’t need a special day to prove to my loved ones that I care about them and fellas if you are using this day to show how much you care for your ladies/family then something is wrong there as it is equally for the ladies who put a spread and look after everyone for this day alone then after the presents and dinner is done its back to you now who,to the family members that will go back to ignoring each other all year round till yeah …… guessed it,next Xmas.

Now I do believe periods like this and birthdays, anniversaries should not go unmarked and uncelebrated,it just has to be for the right reasons.We live in a society today where everyone is looking for an excuse to either party or celebrate something to justify spending money.

We have an office party,hair,nails,dress,new tux,refit the kitchen.

My cat made a friend gonna throw a do invite the neighbourhood.You get the idea ridiculous stuff.

Clearly Christmas has lost its true meaning a long time ago,I mean its all about people rushing in bad moods in shopping, family members getting  together exchanging presents,eating,drinking and that’s it really. I do  however take advantage of today,its a day for me that sales are on and I see it as my real Christmas day,and it has a been a tradition of mine to go out spending and get whatever I want as long as I can get a good deal then why not?

Its a relief,you should be able to just get out there at  any time of the year and get what you want if you can afford it of course,same goes for showing love for one another,why wait for a “special day” these are things that should be done everyday,anyway.

Makes me loathe Christmas day  for what society  has made it  become and what it represents,the way it changes people really evil on the days before (especially in rushed last minutes shopping cause you just cant turn up without a present now can you?) and extremely pleasant on the day then,well back again yo yoing around,I can’t stand that and people like that.

Where are all the real people gone to these days?

So today I go forth and keep the tradition going to get something ridiculously priced just coz I can,no excuses,no pressure as today is my “real Christmas day the 26th”

Suppose I am alone in this.I wonder what other’s do today besides fight and be depressed ,or return the kid(s).It can be a sad time of year.


20 thoughts on “The “real” Christmas Day the 26th

  1. I believe our hearts beat the same tune Limbiley (see link below) but I don’t change Jesus’ Birth date to accommodate those who mess it up, ignore it or are phony and for those who are unkind for the rest of the year but wear a mask on the 25th, I spell it our even stronger, just what Christmas is all about… Emanuel God with us!

    Christmas –

    Some think Christians should not protest to the hypocrisy that we see today, it’s being judgmental but Jesus did loud and clear and with a whip but He still Loved those who were white washed tombs and a broods of Vipers and so did Paul love the childish Christians, they Loved fully as did the other Disciples and all True followers of Jesus, we are also to Love our enemies or those who are worldly, can we do this in the flesh, No only as we choose to Love and so are then empowered to, having asked for and received The Holy Spirit.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • A bit of a challenge that is,to love those who we still see right through.If only our love for them could change them what a world that would be,shame our efforts go to waste and all we get is well ……nothing for our efforts.Its not easy though.Not easy at all.

      • It’s impossible if we are Trusting in ourselves to change people Limbiley , we can’t do it and God won’t force them to change regardless of how much we pray for Him to do so, they must ask to be changed like we did and King David did, he said in Psalm 139:23 -24 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts, and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. But he didn’t condone the wrong that others did he hated it with a vengeance and also how they treated God, when you Love someone deeply you stand up for them.

        We also don’t have to be Happy Clappy about the evil others do and how they hurt us but we have to be willing to Love and forgive them regardless of their response and we can be very sure that we can’t do this in our flesh, this is why we must put it to death by The Spirit ( Romans 8 ) and be perfected in Love.

        Blessings – Anne

      • Hmmmm “mixing poison for them and drinking it ourselves”

        I like that one,can I steal it?

        You make a good point tho and hopefully it has educated others.Just walk away.

        God Bless.

      • Did Jesus just walk away from us Limbiley when we spat at Him, nailed Him to the cross, mocked Him, pieced His side, gave him vinegar for his thirst, separated Him from His Father because of our sin or did He give His all to save us even asking that we would be forgiven and yes He did this even though we caused Him great suffering more than anyone can comprehend… yes it was our sin Limbiley not just someone elses.

        As Christians we are to resolve our differences, not just walk away or are we even to agree to disagree, God will show us who is in error.

        You have our permission Limbiley to use whatever you want both in my comments and on our Blog but if you change it for evil which I’m sure you would not do, then it is no longer our gift to you.

        Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  2. When my girls were in high school, I knew they would exchange my gifts, so I would buy something full price before Christmas, knowing it would be returned the day after, and then they could go wild and get twice as much and exactly what they would want… I know, warped thinking, but it was a fun few years we had together.

  3. “Bah humbug” springs to mind. Any day can be sad day. Any day can be a great day. But some turkey, some family, and officially leaning the tv off … We always look forward to yesterday. And today? Quiet. Sleepy. Quiet. Not a sale or rush in sight. Another humbug please. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Ace News Services and commented:
    #AceChristmasNews says ” Reflections on #Christmas ” by Limbiley’s Blog an small extract: The fake people, fake affections, polite conversations, it all starts to creep back up and real life begins to return but it really won’t hit till early January.
    #AceNewsServices says if we really search our hearts we can see many of these people in our lives ,not all not many but just a few, so we should feel sorry for their empty lives, so full of self-loathing and lacking in Christmas cheer – a present given should have no price ,no value or worth, except knowing that it is the thought that counts
    #MustRead if only for what it says about the state of the human condition.

  5. I was thinking along these lines today, too. Once everything is done, and folks are finished proclaiming “Jesus is the reason for the season”, then what? Sometimes it feels like December is a push to get Jesus in your face, and I wonder if it really pushes people away when the rest of the year (some) are living for/about themselves. Made me do a hard stop to think on what life (especially mine as a believer) should look like after Christmas. Happy December 26th!

    • I agree with you,it just raises more questions than it answers and people around us (especially fellow believers)are just as guilty of living for the promotion of their own agenda.People these days.

      Thanks for stopping by and happy boxing day to you.

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