………….but God

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. -Joseph-

I do not think there is anybody out there who has questioned more about the things that happen in my life and thier significance.If anyone of you have read any of my post you may feel the conflict,the hurt,the confunsion,the crazyness the …….

Last couple of years have been challenging to say the least for me I experienced personal loss in any and possibly every aspect of my life.I lost people dear to me (death etc),finances,career,business,you name it I have lived it.The only thing I haven’t lost yet is my health and my mind though questions may be raised to the latter.

Its funny though I have been reflecting on how exaclty I got to this point in my life.Upon further investigation I realised that it wasn’t so much how? when? who? what? wherefore? … but why?
And then I found the answer to this wonderful question.All this time I just was wondering running around quite the headless chicken.And the answer was right under my nose.
Dont you just love it when it all comes together!!!!

The reason I have had a hard time these years is ………..drum roll………I dont know.
I do not know.

What I know is that throughout all this I have had a but God moment.
Everyone has something in them that will not allow them to give up or give in.No matter what your beliefs are. I know everybody beleives in a higher power of some kind.

I find it funny,remember the last time you hit that little toe on the door? hurt like hell didn’t it? whose name did you call out to? or that time you were stuck in traffic and late for work you went Oh my …..

Anyway whatever your beleifs its not important, I just saw something through my tough times,I had a but God moment.Looking deeper I saw several times/situations when & where things could have gotten worse but they didn’t.These were things out of my control and there was really nothing I could do to change the trajectory,something in me just knew that it was not my doing.
Ever get the feeling you have a guardian angel?

I know another thing I was always afraid,and this fear was only visible to a perhaps only one or two people if that.On the outside everything was ok I was happy,smilling,laughing, but going to bed was a different matter all together.I was constantly afraid of loosing it all.All that which I thought had value and I couldn’t live without.And guess what? It happened.

Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.-wikipedea-

As a person of faith I beleive that no matter what happens to me I will be okay,…in the end.I just thought it important to take a minute and recognise the omg moment of our lives,am talking about that moment in your life where its all going wrong and you are saying if one more thing goes wrong today …“I dont know what am gonna do”.Then something unexpected positive happens.

No matter what your personal beleifs are I am sure we have all had this moment.
Whether you credit to the Easter bunny,the tooth fairy,Zeus,budha it doesn’t really matter the moment was there regardless.

For me living without fear has allowed me to rebuild my life into that which was better before,and the pun is I can see better results in my efforts now than there ever was last 10 yrs put together.Am I back where I was before?of course not I am heading to a better place. I am in a much better place than before I have a sense of peace I never had before.And that alone was worth the price of admission.I have learnt to value that which matters the most.

I wish I could tell you there is a reason why all this stuff happens, I don’t know that.
I wish I could tell you its an easy time going through transformation I would be lying…it hurts.
I wish I could tell you you wont be confunsed,but you will be,even more so than before its a process.

All I can say is keep going,when you are in a desert keep walking.Nothing lasts forever.No matter what life throws at you,even and especialy the bad negative bits,though they were meant for evil…………………..

……………………………..but God.


25 thoughts on “………….but God

  1. Thanks for the insight that sometimes we just “don’t know” and will not soon know (if ever) why we encounter certain circumstances, but that we can still move through them. Thank you too for the encouragement that the resulting growth is “worth the price of admission,” because I would not have believed it so.

    • Glad u found something that you liked and spoke to your heart,often times we know not what the almighty has install for us we can only know it’s for our Good.

  2. I lost precious family to death, i lost my health and then my job and there has been moments when i saw God in the moments, but right now i am in yet another ‘what now? moment. I know the answer will come in it’s time things will become clearer and i will see the answer.

  3. Great post, I’m glad you share so much of yourself. Too many people go through life without realizing their “but God” moments – glad you’re not one of them! You know, this post made me think about an episode of Adventure Time (of all things) that my nephew was just watching. The kid/hero (?) buysa grass sword and it keeps trying to wrap itself around his arm. He freaks out and thinks that the thing is evil and wants to have nothing to do with it – but the sword just keeps wrapping around him more firmly and freakishly. Cut to the point – when he finally realizes that having it attached to him isn’t such a bad thing, he gains control over it and loves the new sword. Through acceptance, what was seen as a curse becomes a blessing. Not bad for a cartoon. 🙂

  4. Very True Limbiley, God works all things together for good for those who Love Him and when we Love Him we obey Him full stop! no matter how good disobeying Him may feel at the time because in the end it will end in a hopeless end!

    But lets get real, have you checked how many suicides there were last year Limbiley, to say that people don’t give up is not realistic, they do!

    But God keeps us from being lost in despair, He rescues us and restores us when we repent and heart repentance means we reject what is evil which is anything that is in disobedience to God and we seek to do what is good, which is everything God asks us to do and we do so by the empowering of The Holy Spirit and how wonderful that Jesus Christ set us free so we could.

    John 8:34-36 Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

    Christian Love from all of us – Anne.

  5. “And guess what? It happened.” Same t-shirt different reasons. When you ain’t got it anymore, there is a ton more space for God. When you get it back? That’s when it’s easy to squeeze him again. Lovely words. Makes me remember.

  6. Sometimes..or most times..we put our head down and just get through this..whatever is happening…now..reaching my age..:)..i have learned to lift up my head..and go through this…need to feel it..see it..not just get through it…

    • Guess heading in that director too at some point.

      I remembered the day you were having with the soda can when I was writing this and what a day you had but still got through it, kudos.

      • Oh the days of exploding soda cans in your purse…
        Sometimes it seems like weeks of that…
        I like where I am at..and I am ready for the next great adventure I am being prepared for…and I think..just maybe..there might be exploding soda cans…

  7. Oh… needed to see this… we have been in an adventure time here. The last three years has been a non stop adventure. That is what I have come to call it. I know that my Lord has never left me and He will not forsake me. Trust in Him is a lesson I am learning. I am also learning thankfulness and grace. My word for this year is hope. Thank you for sharing this. your words have ministered to me today and I am grateful.

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