Faith,foolishness or presumption?

Are you acting in faith,foolishness or presumption?Apostle Fredrick K C Price-

I remember reading this rather engrossing book which had practical teaching on walking with God,this was a while ago and for some reason a few days back I found myself with yet more questions but only this time they reflected what I had read in this book.

It then dawned on me that perhaps I too needed to ask myself if I was practical enough in my approach to God.Now hear me properly I realise the fact that this walk isn’t meant to be practical but let’s also recognise the importance of right believing.

Often we get discouraged and disappointed when things do not go our way but of course this a natural human reaction.Looking deeper into this condition of discouragement and disappointment I have found that mostly we get here because of our source of belief.
Stay with me now.
If your source of belief is incorrect to begin with then obviously your end result( the thing you are hoping for/wish to transpire) will not be that which u want (incorrect).

The question then becomes what is your source of belief because your source of belief will influence your belief system which will in turn will shape into and become what you believe in which in turn will be the basis/base of either your disappointment and discouragement or your gratification and encouragement.

Now we can further then expand and ask,that what are your beliefs or believe system based on? Is it :-

Faith,foolishness or presumption?

I then measure myself because before I knew God and Jesus I was doing some questionable immoral down right dirty shameful corrupt things.Often people would ask how I could live with myself and I just replied iconically “with 2 girlfriends and a dog,how you living?”……………that was a joke!
But on a serious note in situation like this if someone who gave up this kind of lifestyle to follow God and his word and Jesus’s promise of abundant life he or she will indeed have an expectation.
When I read the Old Testament it’s full of promises and revelation and it all came to pass.Jesus was revealed from the old into the New Testament to the point that he conquered death ai ai ai!!!So I know that his word is true!
And I know he promised me the best.

The struggle then becomes when my expectations are not met,this where the revelatory moment came to me in form of a question as thus;“are you believing and operating in”:-

Faith,foolishness or presumption?

In an illustration of the power of expectation: any man who has met a lady,you start calling her on Mon,tue,wed thru to Friday and miss sartuday.When you call on Sunday I can guarantee you half if not three quarters of the conversation will be about you explaining why you didn’t call her on sartuday.
If after 5 days she has an expectation from you,what more me? One who has been waiting 5 weeks/5 months/5 years………….oh help me lord.

The substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.Blessings Released to us by the grace of God are thus: according to his will and purpose in our lives for the glorification of his name and restoration of the kingdom.


(i)Lacking or exhibiting a lack of good sense or judgment; silly: foolish remarks(ii)Resulting from stupidity or misinformation; unwise: a foolish decision(iii)Arousing laughter; absurd or ridiculous: a foolish grin.
(iv)Immoderate or stubborn; unreasonable: foolish pride; foolish love(v)Embarrassed,Insignificant; trivial.

(i)an idea that is taken to be true on the basis of probability(ii)the acceptance of something as true although it is not known for certain(iii)audacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to.

For me on the basis on what you are operating on and belief system you fall into measures your disappointment&discouragement or your encouragement&gratification.

So on this day are you in

Faith,foolishness or presumption?


20 thoughts on “Faith,foolishness or presumption?

    • He is the master controller of all our destinies,the ultimate SATNAV that directs and redirects our path to take us to the right destination in our lives……. He will reroute us to perfection as he wills it.

      Am glad u found this ..stay blessed.

  1. Faith, foolishness, and presumption. All the above after a two year nightmare looks like he is getting a plea bargain (no jail time). I was foolishness, then presumed the we would win, but still I have to have faith that God will work everything out for our God and His Glory. That His will we done, because that was my prayer. Its too hard for her to testify she is only 9.

    • It’s times like these that I really don’t understand the path and how some things work out the way they do.

      Everything inside of me is screaming unfair,punishment,just give me two minutes alone with this guy in a room.

      Then I remember :-

      “For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
      So are My ways higher than your ways,
      And My thoughts than your thoughts.”
      -Is 55 v 9-

      Let’s just choose to trust him in this difficult impossible time,God is faithful I stand with you in prayer my sister may God comfort you and your family in this trying time.

      • Thanks so much. I have an awesome husband/ her dad who is also a wonderful father. There are a few of people who know he did this, who could have come forward and stood up for her but didn’t. Now they can continue to live with him and live with their choice to do nothing. It amazes me that not only do people put up with sin like this, but even go as far to defend him.

        Thanks for standing with me in prayer. I Gave The Lord a piece of my mind today. I have since apologized and do know He is just. Trusting Him in all things. Many blessings, my dear brother in Christ.

      • I know it would be hard not to give The Lord a piece of our minds during times like this.But rest assured that he feels your pain and understands what you are going thru more than anyone ever could.

        As for those who defend his action …..let’s just say life has a funny way of correcting injustice.No matter what you think there are just somethings you can’t get away with.Every action has an equal opposite reaction.

        We always reap what we sow in one way or another.

        Blessing to you,your daughter and may God continue to strengthen your husband,he is really a gift from him to you and your family.

  2. The world teaches us to want; want more, want better, want everything and we begin to believe it and that is when we become foolish, bolstered up with pride. But, there is nothing wrong with faith in things not seen, but which are nonetheless true, isn’t this just presumption?

  3. Your post underscores the need to stay in God’s word to make sure our belief system lines up with God’s word. Certainly no one goes from beginner to seasoned Christian overnight. A daily commitment to God’s word will, over time, separate the traditions from the truth. (some traditions are truth, some are not.)
    A Servant

      • Connect to the source, commit to the Savior and combat the urge to sin. If you do these things with passion you will be more seasoned than I am when you reach my age. With love I send this to my brother.
        A Servant

  4. Well said. We face discouragement if we presume falsely, which many do because they don’t know God or his word. We have joy if we put our faith in God, because he has the substance (faith is the substance) of everything we need.

  5. Limbi – this post absorbed me. the foundation stone being which belief system. At the risk of taking this off beam a little (and so please ignore me completely), the whole “belief” premise is now less relevant to me than every before.

    I worked through beliefs, changing beliefs, right beliefs, wrong beliefs, all of which had to be analysed, supported, defended, discarded, strengthened. Quite exhausting and I found it all to be a real distraction.

    My meandering through belief found “opinion”. And out of that shedding more and more opinion/beliefs came Love. No more and no less. True Love, the I Am, The God = Love kinda Love. The real article. And with that came liberation and freedom. No expectations, no “rules”, no transactions and accounting good, bad, etc. Yet a totally submerging “rightness”. A totally beautiful everything. A freedom. An ever increasing view that sacred applies in every direction and every dimension.

    Boy is that energising!!

    • Well it am glad you got to the point of realising that most of us are still at the point of “meandering and pondering”

      Hopefully in time we can all get there but as is this walk most things are in this walk are personal and everyone has thier account.

      • Limbi, your words never cease to hold me in awe with their honesty, their open-ness and the insight. And in the same vein – for me there are no levels. Not here in these words we share. I could be anyone and anything – or no one and nothing. You get my heart, and I get your heart. Same as you. Your heart is a big as mine – as her – as his – as theirs. That’s all that seems to make any difference here. And the more I dwell in this place, the more this place dwells in me as I go about my life and work and living away from these words. Still no levels, still no anyone/anything, still just that liberating freedom through Love (and I still get cranky, still get irritated, still get lazy, still get forgiven).

        You teach with your words. You teach me. Just because you are. Just because you have a heart. That is HUGE!

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