Though he slay me………

I will continue to have hope in The LordJob

I wonder was this a man with absolute understanding and deep in revelation of God and his ways?
Was it his faithfulness that let him utter out such statements even in the midst of trouble?

See here is my problem with this situation,for a man a mere mortal to be in such a position and still hope I can only speculate about the amount of Gods grace that surrounded him otherwise how else? How else would he get through something like this?
So I know we need the grace.

Here comes the challenge like peter went fishing after Christ had died,most of us return to what is familiar to us which most stems from our past.
Trouble then becomes that doesn’t work and at times most of our old ways are sinful.
Further then sin in its nature only serves to unravel our lives and we pay for the consequences in our natural lives for how can we do bad and not reap bad?

For faith is the substance/material of things hoped for,evidence of what we cannot see.
Faith without works (corresponding action)is dead according to scripture.
For us to achieve victory we need Gods direction which will only stem from a word of God spoken over our lives.

So then what does one do when all you have been hoping for is falling apart?

All I can say is ……..

Though he slay me …….

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13 thoughts on “Though he slay me………

  1. Yes Gods grace. I read this a couple days ago and your post kept coming back to my mind. Over the past couple of years I have felt like Job. I was thinking why after everything, do I hold on so tight to the Lord? For myself – I know He is real, He has made Himself known to me. He is also Sovereign, so I know that nothing can touch me outside of His will for my life. (which also makes me mad when I don’t understand) Still I trust Him because of the qualities of who He is (love). I know He truly cares for me, He cries with me, fights for me, wants the best for me, and that He is just. He is my Hope, I know that when everything is said and done I will be with Him. He will heal all my hurts, and mend all the brokenness, dry away all my tears, and I will understand all the things I didn’t on while I was on earth. I trust Him knowing there is a bigger picture I can’t see. I also see that Jesus suffered here on earth for the sake of others. I also believe God can use our suffering for the sake of others. Just like He used Job’s life as an example for the rest of us. If only one person makes it to heaven, because of the testimony of my own life, to me that is a life well lived. There is no greater purpose to me for this life is short and temporary. Love and blessings!

  2. You keep faith, because God will stay by your side even when there is nothing else left. I know there has been times in my life when it wasn’t until i could look back that i realised He was actually there all the time.

      • My counsellor has suggested that i write down all the bad stuff from the past, the problem is – i don’t know where to start. I have always written a Journal, in stops and starts but mostly starts and there are some i will never read again because of what they contain but some are good to read back over to see where i have come. Although you are writing a blog you might find some private writing also useful.

  3. You got me reading Job. Reminded me of Leonard Cohen.

    “how can we do bad and not reap bad?” I know someone who says different. Doesn’t keep count like we keep count. Doesn’t keep time like we do. Gets under my skin and sees it all. And still says that is good enough for him.

    I like Leonard Cohen.

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