Goodbye my lover am bored……. Hello devil am back!

“So whatever happened to you?”
“Life. Life happened
.”-David Nicholls-

Today marks the 6th month that I first wrote my first very post on WordPress and time does fly.Its been a somewhat interesting journey with emotions to reflect.
As much changes much remains the same,to be very honest am I such a different person to the one that put the ink to paper or fingers to keyboard as it were? Truthfully I don’t know.
Have I grown a little bit,yes absolutely,In experience yes,am I better for it?Well…..hmmm.

Now then if I have learnt anything is that the high of chasing the old stuff(which for reference I’d call the devil) just ain’t there anymore or at least is not quiet as exiciting,and my new lover (the new positive stuff I ve come to like and aspire to,,….)is or has just become rather boring,to put it simply.

So it’s a case of goodbye my lover am bored…….hello devil,am back or is it?

See the trouble is such that,one is caught in between steps where the old doesn’t cut it anymore and the new has already begun to get too familiar and it’s loosing it’s taste and it’s becoming all too regular and regular stopped cutting it ages ago.
So am stuck here looking for ways to “feel alive again coz I feel numb”
Days were I could simply find amusement in my own company and engross myself with a good book,or countless hours on the old playstation,take a little trip around but that has lost it’s appeal too.

Even more dangerous is the fact of finding everyone else around me uninteresting,boring,just not interested and am not very good company myself,for which am well aware for I feel irritable.

Is this what life and growing up really means?
Have I become old and grumpy,coz I feel like it now.
Am I becoming that guy who sits on the corner alone with his coffee and tablet/newspaper coz no one can stand him as equally as he can’t stand everyone else?

It’s a nice sunny evening,normally it would be time for a trip up north as Friday tradition would have it but on this occasion it won’t be happening,stuck between steps,am neither this nor that as is the case or as isn’t the case…..

Goodbye my lover am bored…….hello devil am back


18 thoughts on “Goodbye my lover am bored……. Hello devil am back!

  1. I truly believe you are the reason I am up so late tonight (I’m normally in bed by now), God was just waiting for me to stumble across your post. I will be praying for you friend…in the meantime, listen to this song. You have probably already heard it, and if you have, please listen at least one more time (eyes closed maybe to let the words really sink in):

  2. I also thought I should tell you, that I took my own little media hiatus for a while, and I just came back on WP yesterday and to read others’ posts tonight. I tired quickly of seeing the things in my reader feed, so I went directly to my follow list. I saw your name, and thought, “I need to go check on my friend Limbiley.” I read two other friends blogs, and had a strong urge to come back here, just to “check on you.” This is the post I saw as your last post written, I’m glad you’re still around asking questions and growing…a true sign of maturity. And just so you know God is watching over you and sending people to you to envelope you in His love. His love is so deep. He would have us cross paths tonight just for me to tell you how loved you really are, regardless of the paths you walk down.

    • Well well I am glad and Trully honoured to have a friend like you on WP one that can see into my spirit and the spirit of The Lord tells u how much he loves me,
      It took a whole for me to publish this note coz I was delayed and a part of me thought “well best kept secret” but I had seen it and reflected a voice that was ready to be shared yet

      So thank you for being a messenger and ur obedience will be blessed.

  3. It’s always tough when we hit a “dry spell,” as I like to call it. It can be so discouraging at times. But, maybe instead of asking “should I keep going?” or “Should I turn around?” (because both options seem undesirable at the moment), ask yourself “What is holding me back?” “What in THIS moment do I need to be taking in?” Especially, if you find yourself circling around the same mountain over and over again. Alternatively, it may just be a sign of the times. It seems that young people nowadays (so used to fast everything, high-speed this and that, video games, and just the quickness that images flash across the screens, etc.) that your mind is just wanting to unplug for a while. “Be still and know that I am God.” has always been one of my favorite verses, and it is helpful to remember that there is a vast world out there beyond the screen and even some mediocre company can do for your soul. Maybe, what I’m saying is that you are where you are for a reason. Everything doesn’t always have to be moving for it to have purpose and meaning. Stillness has its virtues too. Just a thought, my friend.

  4. I’m glad to see you posting again! It’s been a while. And, no, you’re not alone in this in-between, stuck place. Nope, you’re not a grumpy old man on the corner (I like that image) – not yet. The dryness that you’re feeling is absolutely a sign that you’re growing and deepening – even though it doesn’t feel like it at all! … If you keep choosing your new lover, loving the new love even though you’re not feeling the love – well, that’s proof of true love, isn’t it? (Wish I could have said that better.) And this boredom is like a nest of dry tinder stacking up, ho-hum… then, one day, a spark will come and you will leap with joyful flames again, somehow stronger and brighter. Like I wrote here in the beginnings of my blog
    I don’t know how many times I have personally written about having nothing to write about. Funny how this feeling of “nothingness” can bear fruit.
    Your sister in Christ,
    By the way, congratulations on your six-month milestone!

    • Thanks for taking the time apologies again for not responding on time.
      You raise a very good fundamental point,it’s times like these that we are troubled and afflicted that loads and material come about,

      But am encouraged to know that “many are the afflictions of the righteous but The Lord delivers them from ALL”

      I loved your peice by the way

      Till next time ur brother in Christ

  5. Old and grumpy? It’s just another lay-by on the highway of living. I’ve seen a few lay-bys: let me off, I know best, you know best, I messed up, sod this for a game of darts, I really fancy you, I am in lurve, ,,,,, so many lay-bys.

    Take your time in this one – that old indicator an rear view mirror and pulling back onto the road “stuff”? It is still there all ready when you are.

  6. The devils like junk food and the Lord’s like fruits and veggies. When you get into spiritual battles, your find its nice to be spiritually healthy – Need some action start praying for people and praising the Lord – it wont be too far behind.

  7. Hey buddy. Don’t go back. Everyone has times like this for a bit. Christ, and a true real loving relationship with Him is the real answer. If you need anything please let me know. Ok?

    • Ok I won’t,I just thought I was alone in this “stuck phase” interesting to know others have felt it too.Glad u shared urs with me otherwise…..despair.

  8. Like the butterfly in the cocoon you are in-between two forms. Not the old man. Becoming the new. “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

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